The scope of Artificial Intelligence in business is increasing day by day, as it is providing an array of options along with various benefits. With the power to analyze and optimize data, Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing is helping enterprises execute successful marketing campaigns. Various digital marketers across Kerala are incorporating this technology to save both time and resources.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence exhibited by machines. It makes use of a logical approach that collects and analyzes data for giving relevant information. The technology makes it easier for software programs to learn from new experiences and act similarly to humans while performing tasks.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Digital Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing is the use of search engines, social media and other platforms to target customers by understanding what they want. The technology makes use of analytical tools that can grasp the Intelligence Quotient and Emotional Intelligence of prospective customers. Let’s see how Artificial Intelligence has helped digital marketing to evolve.

  • Understanding Customer Needs

Digital marketing campaigns can be better executed by making use of customer data collected by Artificial Intelligence. This can help to create profiles of future customers who are interested to purchase the products/services along with those who are still thinking to buy or not to buy.

  • Identify The Trends

The integration of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing allows analyzing huge amounts of data that could be used to detect upcoming marketing trends. This information can be used either in tweaking the products/services as per customer needs or conducting marketing campaigns that attract customers.

  • Forecasting Sales

Artificial Intelligence can collect data about past deals by studying the data from emails, phone calls, meetings and everything else. It can relate the collected data to the outcome of the expected sales of both current and future campaigns.

  • Improved Customer Service

Tools powered by Artificial Intelligence have already changed customer service. Many brands are using them as they can intelligently answer the general questions customers ask. Tools, such as Chatbots that boost positive customer experience, can be of great help to establishments that lack manpower.

  • Content Curation

Artificial Intelligence can curate and generate relevant content to be presented in front of the right audience using the right platforms. It can also generate topics for writers for developing drafts based on various parameters.

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