The new parenting group launched by Facebook has become a talking matter among families. The group gives parents new creative ways to discover and engage with their communities. When admins choose the parenting group type, access to three unique features will be unlocked:

Anonymous Post –The ‘Anonymous Post’ will enable members of a parenting group to make sensitive posts without revealing their identity. If you are planning to share or receive feedback related to financial issues or dealing with the loss of a child, posting anonymously can aid you easily facilitate those discussions.

Badging – The badging feature lets members identify themselves to group members in regards to what parenting stage they are in. The feature will let you find people who are going through a similar situation as you.

Mentorship – Facebook is also expanding its mentorship feature for parents. Parenting group admins can now create online mentoring programs, let members sign up and match mentor/mentee pairs. Members can pair up with one another to offer advice during moments like expecting a new child, moving or switching careers.

Around 200 million people are in these increasingly expanding social groups and as such providing new ways to maximize that connection is going to be greatly beneficial.